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9/28/17 (Thursday)

O.U. Improv! (Norman)

 O.U. Improv!

O.U. Improv!

Obviously Unrehearsed Improv! (OUI!), the University of Oklahoma's resident student improv troupe, specializes in short-form, long-form, and musical improv. The troupe performs across the state at colleges, festivals, art happenings, and private events entertaining hundreds each year. In addition, OUI! also teaches workshops in conjunction with public schools, library systems, and other academic institutions.

The troupe's core players come from a diverse background and represent a wide variety of academic and professional disciplines. OUI! currently counts among its ranks majors and/or graduates in Adult and Higher Education, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Drama, Film and Video Studies, German, History, International and Area Studies, Law, Linguistics, Math, Microbiology, Fine Arts, Nursing, Physics, and Political Science. 

Take One Improv (Oklahoma City)

Take One Improv.jpg

Take One was created in 2007 when Cory J. Philips refused to stop improvising just because school was ending. Since then, Cory has continuously developed and recruited his team based, not only on talent, but also on passion, interests, and pursuits; building more than just a troupe of funny, skilled improvisers, he also created a community of collaborators eager to work on one another’s projects instead of focusing solely on individual accomplishments.

Take One's players quickly make each energetic, short-form, show a celebration of weirdness and absurdity with unique, audience-engaging, games and extensive nerd-knowledge. Imagine an Anime and a Meme had a baby, and that baby grew up to do improv. Then, in an attempt to gain its parent's approval and respect, the baby goes on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" but mainly spends the entire time passive-aggressively lashing out at those parents. It is this type of diverse and frenetic play that has allowed Take One Improv to grow from doing free local shows to being booked to pack rooms at conventions nationwide, as well as foster a loyal fan base that is as enthusiastic and quirky as the members of Take One, themselves.

Mojito (Oklahoma City)



Mojito is a collection of improvisers from the Oklahoma City area. Mojito started as a weekly practice session that evolved into an improv troupe. The members of Mojito took a improv intensive that focused on the Harold improv format as developed by the one and only Del Close. The intensive was taught by the fantastic Bill Russell of the Comedy Shrine in Chicago. Mojito performs on a regular basis at OKC Improv showcases in Oklahoma City. 

Heel Turn (Oklahoma City)

 Heel Turn

Heel Turn

Heel Turn is Ann-Lisette Caveny, Kellen Hodgeson, Tim Huckeby, and Kelly Lawson. Formed in 2013 out of a shared love of pro wrestling and comedy, Heel Turn performs their unique style of fast paced, long form improved comedy all over the United States. The gang can be found regularly on stage at OKC Improv.


Savage Mistress (San Antonio)


Savage Mistress is always in a state of flux, but our current style features on creating a slice of life narrative with a focus on characters and relationships. The troupe is proud to be Alamo City Improv's very first San Antonio-based resident troupe! 

Underhanded Improv (Chicago)

 Underhanded Improv

Underhanded Improv

Underhanded Improv is the perfect fusion of improv & puppetry. From a single piece of advice suggested by the audience Peter & Sam weave together twisted tales populated with wild & whimsical characters made of fleece & flesh. Peter & Sam have over two decades of performance experience between them & have performed in festivals all over North America (from LA to NY and from Texas to Toronto). The duo’s credits include the 321 Improv Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival, the Big Little Comedy Festival, the Alaska State Improv Festival, the Gatlinburg Improv Festival, the Big Des Moines Improv Festival, and the Seattle Puppetry Improv Festival. All the puppets featured in the show are hand built by Sam Locke.

9/29/17 (Friday)

Tub-Thumping (Dallas)



Kyle Eric Bradford and Shea Smith are co-owners of Alternative Comedy Theater in Dallas, TX. They have been performing improv for over 7 years. A few years ago, during the annual Big Sexy Weekend of Improv Festival, the two joined forces to create a two-man troupe known as Tub-Thumping. 

Red Dirt Improv (Oklahoma City)

 Red Dirt Improv

Red Dirt Improv

The founders of Improv Festival Oklahoma, Red Dirt Improv has performed short form, long form, and everything between since 2007. The troupe is frenetic, zany, and always up for a challenge. The group has performed across Oklahoma and Texas.

Be Hive Medusa (Minneapolis)

Be Hive Medusa is a six performer from the Minneapolis improv scene. Its members have studied improv in the Twin Cities at Comedy Sports Brave New Workshop and Huge Theater and many other venues. The troupe has had positive audience reactions to its sets and is ready and eager to play outside its home city. Each individual in the group is bringing a unique cluster of skill to the group that adds to the richness and complexity of the group. Various members have skills in scripted theater, stand up comedy, short form comedy, clowning/ physical comedy and dance. A unique point about Be Hive Medusa, in the improv world, is all of the members have a deep pool of real life experience with its youngest member being 38 and most of the troupe coming from outside the Twin Cities area.

CLR (Dallas)


CLR was formed at the Dallas Comedy House in 2014.  The troupe performs long form improvisational comedy. CLR takes an audience suggestion of a headline you would like to see and use that as a jumping off point. CLR is made up of graduates from the Dallas Comedy House improv training program.   The name comes from an early rehearsal, where an ad answered off of Craigslist led to an ill-fated Craigslist Roommate.  But CLR can mean much more than simply a living situation gone awry.   Children Lick Reptiles? Cesar Loves Ryan? The list is infinite. 

Kenny/Rogers (Austin)


Heidi Rogers and Kenny Madison hail from Austin, TX and have been doing improv for a combined history of many years. Their interests come from long conversations with each other along with a strange fixation on incorporating their own real lives into the set as much as possible. Playing heightened versions of themselves, Heidi and Kenny have literally confused audience members into thinking that onstage fights have been real fights, which is both great and also not accessible for non-comedians. It's this loose and playful energy that has Austin buzzing, causing Kenny/Rogers to play to packed houses. 

Sunglow (Dallas)

Sunglow was born in June of 2016 from the Dallas Comedy House Ewing Auditions. A group of eight strangers started out in the ewing format and performed together for eight consecutive weeks soon forming an impeccable bond. After the scheduled ewing run was over, Sunglow decided to form a permanent troupe and continue performing together.

Sunglow is a regular performer on Friday/Saturday nights at the Dallas Comedy House and has performed at the 2017 Dallas Comedy Festival. Sunglow has also performed at 4Day Weekend in Ft. Worth. This troupe performs in the ewing format, paying homage to their roots. So what is a ewing you may ask? Well, there are three core scenes, a fourth theme scene, and the rest is up to your imagination or uh... their improvisation. 

Sunglow is excited to expand their horizons and perform any and everywhere. Their mission in life is to spread improv light and belly-aching laughter. So what are you waiting for? Let Sunglow light up your life and get your daily dose of vitamin D today! 

BitSing (Oklahoma City)



BitSing is a musical improv comedy extravaganza inspired by Chicago musical improv show VAMP. Short-form “Whose Line is it Anyway?”-style musical improv games will be played by some of Oklahoma City’s best musical improv talent, including live musicians. BitSing is Kristy Boone, Cristela Carrizales, Kellen Hodgeson, Kendon Lacy with musical direction from Kyle Gossett on the keyboard, and the BitSing band: Noah Taylor on drums, David McKinney on guitar, Jaron Martin on bass.

9/30/17 (Saturday)

Encyclopedia Moronica (Dallas)


Encyclopedia Moronica was founded by improvisers passionate about History and the desire to bring not just the comedy of the 20th century to the stage, but throughout history as well! Forming Dallas' only comedic society, the members of Encyclopedia Moronica discuss a randomly chosen historical event (both what really happened and the silly ways they impact us today) before showing the audience how history - and hilarity - transcend the ages.

Everybody and Their Dog (Oklahoma City)

 Everybody & Their Dog

Everybody & Their Dog

Everybody and Their Dog was formed in 1994 and has performed continuously in Oklahoma City since 1994 - though over 30 members of the troupe have come and gone, several original members remain. They began doing improv before anyone was familiar with the art form at festivals, bars, restaurants, colleges, frat parties, corporate Christmas parties and anywhere else they could book themselves. Occasionally the patrons had come for dinner/drinks/the basketball game and would ignore them or turn up the TV to drown them out, but they just got louder. Beginning with short form games to play to the audience's taste, they began adding a bit of long form to the shows to train their audiences, then a bit more until it took over. After playing for many years in OKC's Opening Night New Year's Festivities (where they were known for their local parody opening songs), the group began performing with OKC Improv. The group has always been known not only for longevity, but for using theatre trained improvisers. 

Rook (Austin)


Rook is a modern musical improv troupe from Austin, Texas. Using a unique blend of synth and piano, drama and comedy, improvisation and theatrical training, Rook creates the very cutting edge in musical improv. Made up on the spot, emotional and poignant, hilarious and cerebral, this off-off-off-broadway show will be surprising, delightful, and oh-so-well sung. 

In Our Prime (Austin)

 In Our Prime

In Our Prime

In Our Prime, three improvisers who tells stories of the real or absurd, silly or heartwarming, funny or dramatic. They explore relationships as old as time with relatable characters who are unique yet every day. Or they'll discover a world so absurd and ludicrous that you'll wonder how they found their way there. IOP will find a show to challenge your expectations and often their's too. 

Paul Normandin, Ryan Hill and Gloria Rabil Bankler (In Our Prime) trained at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas and have traveled to festivals across the United States. Red Dirt Improv Festival (OKC), Improvised Play Festival (Austin,TX), Wafflefest (Austin, TX), Improvaganza (Hawaii), District Improv Festival (Washington, DC), Out of Bounds (Austin, TX), Unscripted New York (NYC). 

Rollin' In Riches (Los Angeles)

 Rollin' In Riches

Rollin' In Riches

Rollin’ In Riches is two improvisors who turn chaos and fun into a science. Rolland Lopez teaches and performs improv at the Westside Comedy Theatre. The duo’s credits include the Phoenix Improv Festival, Red Rocks Improv Festival, Joshua Tree Improv Festival, California Comedy Festival, Alaska State Improv Festival, Downtown Vegas Improv Festival, San Diego Improv Festival, SF Sketchfest,
Winners of the iO West Doubles Tournament (2015), Dallas Comedy Festival, and L.A. Improv Comedy Festival. In addition to the festivals above, they've also performed and taught in Denver, Phoenix, Tucson and San Diego.

¡ZARZAMORA! (Austin)



¡ZARZAMORA! was formed in 2010 in Austin, Texas with three long time friends and collaborators with a desire to perform more cerebral comedy than they usually attempted. Since then the group has expanded to five members and have performed in festivals across the country and overseas (Finland to be precise.) 

All the members share a passion for performing and as a group are adept at numerous aspects of improv, including one-person performance, dramatic improv, short form games, long form genre narrative and geurilla performances. 

The 1995 Chicago Bulls (Dallas)

 The 1995 Chicago Bulls

The 1995 Chicago Bulls

The 1995 Chicago Bulls are a group of six Dallas Comedy House graduates that has been performing long form improv together since 2014. Through the JTS Brown format, we instantly transform scenes based on which improvisers are on stage; rapidly creating, calling back, or connecting scenes and universes. Fun fact: They have a Facebook Messenger thread with over 50,000 messages. Dallas Comedy House's Best Troupe of 2016. 

3Peat (Chicago)

3Peat met while performing and teaching at The Second City and iO Theater in Chicago, IL. Tired of each being the only minority in their shows, the group came together to create their own brand of comedy that fits their high energy and experiences. The team boasts members that write and perform in television, film, and on stage across the world.